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Friday, May 18, 2018

Traditional Javanese Concept (Massage and Reflexology)

Massage and Reflexology

Traditional is one of the most popular styles in interior design. But what is it exactly? The word “traditional” can mean something different to every homeowner. Today I’m sharing the characteristics of this favorite aesthetic so you can decide if Traditional Design is the right style for your home.
Javanese Influence
Traditional interior design is inspired by traditional looks. It’s a timeless style that exemplifies culture and natural. Traditional decorating is perfect for those who love antiquesclassic art pieces, symmetry and other design elements that are rich with history. Traditional design prides itself on its harmony, order and its friendly charm.
Dark, Rich Colors
If you love dark woods, refined colors and rich tones then this is the style for you! Traditional spaces usually have a neutral paint color on the walls so the room’s colorful furniture, artwork and accent pieces can pop. Red, brown, green and warm jewel tones are popular accent colors in traditional style design. Fusing these bold accent colors with neutral walls creates a warm and inviting space that also feels dignified. Florals, paisleys, damasks, stripes and plaids are also standard traditional d├ęcor patterns for accent walls, furniture pieces and drapes.
 Hardwood floors are a staple of this style, and the richer the hue the better! Maple, mahogany, cherry, merbau and walnut are prominent species in traditional spaces.
Elegant Furnishings
Traditional design is all about the finer details. Here you will find a lot of grand touches like candleholders, china, classic lamps and shades, vases, decorative throw pillows, mirrors, sconces, book collections and chandeliers. It’s also common to add a dash of gold and silver to any of these accessories for some natural sophistication.

Owner: Mr. A

Location Batam

Industrial Concept

Entertainment Room

Baring it all takes a lot of courage, and modern industrial interior design is about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve raw, edgy style. What other styles are at pains to hide, the industrial style design boldly puts on display.Structural elements are turned into showpieces, achieving a look that seems unfinished, yet cohesive and chic, basic features of any industrial look.
Increasingly used to style loft apartments, commercial spaces, and even some modern homes, the industrial home design trend is fast winning converts around the world.
Owner Ms. N

Location : Sunter Jakarta Utara

Monday, June 26, 2017

Pantry and Bar "Simple and clean"

  • Custom designs ensure a solution that works for your life and that maximizes storage space. Shelving, adjustable to your needs, gives you enough space for snacks, sauces, and even baking and cooking equipment. Pullout baskets, bins, and shelves, make it easy to reach items at the very back of your pantry. Special lazy susans and corner units make use of every inch.

  • Wine racks and storage shelves give every wine connoisseur enough space to continue building their collection. Our drawers with soft-close mechanisms give you superior durability so you can enjoy your kitchen pantry system for a lifetime. A combination of open and closed shelving lends a sophisticated and modern take in a kitchen. Glass inserts in your wood units allow for easy visibility of your items. A wide variety of cabinet doors and styles gives you control over the design and appearance of your pantry.

  • Drawers and baskets, in various materials to fit your needs, help hold food items without sacrificing style. Finishes in mattes and glosses, and everything in between, allow further customization of your units. Choose hardware that coordinates with your custom pantry design.We know that the details matter. That’s why we walk through every drawer pull, cabinet knob, shelf, and drawer with you during your complimentary design consultation. We won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with your new pantry cabinets. This is the Closet & Storage Concepts difference.

For more detail please call us at +62 819 9108 2897 or you can visit to our office at Tanjung Pantun Blok T no 1. Sungai Jodoh, Batam - Indonesia

Master bedroom "Victorian Calm"

The Victorian Concept

During the Industrial Revolution, the middle classes were able to increase their prosperity and for the first time invest in the decor and design of their homes. The period between 1837 and 1901, the reign of Queen Victoria, saw the cheap mass-production of countless household items, making them accessible to people who could never have afforded them before.
They immediately began to emulate the aristocracy and filled their homes to bursting point with accessories, furnishings and fabrics, all designed to showcase their new wealth and status. A bare room was considered to show a lack of taste and so Victorian interiors appeared to be very cluttered compared to modern minimalist ideas. Here we look at ways to bring touches of Victorian nostalgia to your modern home without the need for costly remodeling.
A cluttered room was the order of the day, so accessories, soft furnishings and decorations should be prominently displayed. Ideally, to copy the Victorian design style, every surface should be covered in framed photographs and pictures, china, flowers in vases and souvenirs.
Lace was very popular and would be found on seat backs, tables and on mantelpieces in Victorian period decor. Stained glass is a particularly attractive Victorian feature which creates appeal in a modern home. Victorian furniture itself was extremely ornate although it ranged from heavy to delicate in style.
Button backed chairs, ottomans and chaise-longs are ideal to replicate Victorian furnishings and carved mahogany, walnut or oak furniture was also popular at that time. As well as expensive hand-carved furniture to showcase their newly earned wealth, the Victorians were keen on carved mirrors, picture frames and lamps.
If you are copying this look, aim to purchase the most expensive pieces you can afford – a cheap, mass-produced item will ruin the effect.
Look out for old architectural features that you can buy and incorporate into your rooms. If you don’t have the time to trail around flea markets, simply search online and you will find antique trims, doors and windows that you can use to replace your modern home features and bring an edge of Victoriana to a newer property.
None of the ideas in this article require you to invest the time, energy and money in an extensive remodeling project for your home. However, should you wish to do so, there are many renovations that you could look into that would all bring a more authentic Victorian era interior design look to your property.
Adding dado rails, cornices, wainscoting, paneling and crown molding are all more complicated to achieve but will bring an added something to your theme.
It may sound difficult to blend modern and Victorian styles together to create an exciting living environment, but you can mix and match to find out what appeals to you and create a Victorian inspired interior. If you start slowly by adding Victorian touches to your up-to-date room, you can begin to find out what works in harmony.
Perhaps you could try re-upholstering antique furniture with modern fabrics, or changing your wall coverings to a Victorian style. Whatever you choose to do, eventually, you will develop the ideal blend of 19th century and 21st century, creating a vibrant modern Victorian home.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Master Bedroom "Mid Modern"

The popularity of midcentury modern design today has roots at the time new era. Most of the designs of the midcentury had gone out of fashion by the late 60s, but in the early- to mid-eighties, interest in the period began to return. Within a decade, vintage midcentury designs were increasingly popular, and several events helped to boost midcentury modern's appeal from a niche group of design enthusiasts into the mainstream but many others had fallen out of production by the mid 90s. And even getting your hands on the pieces that were still being produced would have been challenging without an architect or a designer to order a piece for you.

owner: Sinar Jaya
Project destination: Central of Java Indoneesia

Contemporer design with nature touch

        In this modern day of living there is no doubt that the contemporary movement has affected every aspects of our daily lives. From outfit and technology to the world of design in architecture and interiors. Many use the term contemporary or modern interchangeably to mean a more relaxed break of traditional norms and new concepts of richness of design and modern age thinking. From bringing in light to dark spaces to opening up floor plans and introducing clean-lined furnishings.

Light and airy rooms replaced the small and dark ones and these details you can adopt in your own home. Natural light through floor to glass windows, skylights, solar tubes and use translucent glass for privacy areas. Using neutral tones of gray, brown, and blacks and whites for flooring, furnishings, lighting fixtures and textiles.  Contemporary colors leave the details of your furniture metal details to shine through or leave the ability for your imagination to get creative with textures and patterns. Just because you use neutral color shouldn’t mean your interiors turn boring! Textural seagrass furniture for example is beautiful to the touch and the eye.

Owner: Mr Dwi
Location: Central of Java - Indonesia

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Office design concept

At Office Interior Concepts, we take a consultative approach to office design. This collaboration starts with a thorough understanding of your company and your culture. Your priorities and work processes will shape and inform the decisions we make together to design a beautiful space with functional furniture that works as hard as you do. Ultimately, our goal is to create a workplace that inspires you, facilitates your work, and maximizes productivity company-wide.
Office Interior Concepts is proud to serve the needs of industries including government, education, healthcare, high-tech, and private sector clients in the Northwest and across the country. We are a locally-owned firm with the support of a nationwide furniture distribution network. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Bedroom Concept

Mr. Said

Master Bedroom

The term “master suite” implies that the space is much more than merely a master bedroom and bath. While the overall size of new homes continues to drop, the master area seems to demand more attention than ever. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the master bath and closets are just larger and grander. 
While some of our current master areas might still be rather large, the focus is now on the functionality of the space. More thought has been put into the efficient use of storage and features that will be used on a daily basis. For instance, laundry areas are often found adjacent to the master bath. A home office might be an integral component of the suite. For those clients who are empty nesters, the master suite has evolved into a retreat that almost becomes a self-contained living area. While the following designs for master suites vary in size and amenities, each pays careful attention to efficient and functional details.

Bedroom - Scandinavian Touch

Owner: Michelle Florencia
Jakarta - Indonesia

Here at Freshome we know that our readers love Scandinavian design. Renowned for their simplicity, utility, and beauty, Scandinavian homes have a pure, pared backed style that is centred around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance. The use of light is considered to be extremely important, and many Scandinavian homes  are characterized by the use of earthy muted tones, honest materials and minimal ornamentation.

Gold Shop

Gold shop
Central of Java

It has industrial fixtures combined with warm wood details, vintage furniture and modern elements.